If you’re a high-achieving first-time leader who is working 80 hours a week, having dinner at 10 pm and going straight to bed with no time for family, friends, or dating, we need to talk!


Womxn leaders work with me because they feel overlooked and underutilized in the workplace. They have not been given the training needed to leverage their talents and propel themselves to the next level. I help provide them with the “how to” tools they need so that they can lead a purpose-driven career that achieves their goals.

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About Me

I've been successfully leading teams for over a decade, and am passionate about forming genuine connections with people and working with them to achieve their goals. In each company I have worked, I created and implemented formal training programs for employee development and career progression because they simply didn't exist.

Early on in my career, I tried everything I could think of to show my dedication and get promoted. I tried different leadership styles, working later each day (even on the weekends)--anything--and nothing worked. I applied for promotions and was passed over each time. I felt lost and didn't understand why my colleagues (specifically men) were getting promoted and I wasn't.

Over time, I was able to develop a system to developing my leadership skills, the skills of my team, and the path to promotion. I launched my consultancy to make a larger impact with female leaders who feel that their organization has not invested resources into their training and development and that they are capable of more.

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Leadership Development & Career Services

For Individuals

Being a leader, you have to be ready to handle anything--a disgruntled employee, a toxic work culture--the list of responsibilities goes on and on. I work with my clients to take control of the chaos through a process-based approach that helps them overcome the overwhelm and move forward on a fresh path to promotion.

For Businesses

As an HR Manager, functional leader, or business owner, you know that establishing culture and providing training and supportive resources are paramount to employee retention and growth throughout the organization. However, you also know that time and resources are limited. I help companies create and implement onboarding programs and ongoing training for leaders and high-potential employees to ensure loyalty, engagement, and a healthy pipeline of promotable talent.

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