I help high-achieving professional women get promoted faster so that they can overcome imposter syndrome and take control of their careers.


The Work


Women leaders work with me to get promoted faster. These women are overlooked and underutilized in the workplace. They are not truly seen, and feel like they are capable of contributing much more than they are allowed to. I help them leverage their talents and propel themselves to the next level so that they can lead a purpose-driven career that achieves their goals.

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About Me

I've been successfully leading teams for over a decade, and am passionate about forming genuine connections with people and working with them to achieve their goals. In each company I have worked, I created and implemented formal training programs for employee development and career progression because they simply didn't exist.

Early on in my career, I tried everything I could think of to show my dedication and get promoted. I tried different leadership styles, working later each day (even on the weekends)--anything--and nothing worked. I applied for promotions and was passed over each time. I felt lost and didn't understand why my colleagues (specifically men) were getting promoted and I wasn't.

Over time, I was able to develop a systematic approach to getting promoted. I advanced up the Corporate ladder and triple my starting salary. I launched my coaching practice to make a larger impact with women leaders so that they can break through the glass ceiling and secure their own seat at the table.

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Working With Me

For Individuals

I work with clients in one-on-one and in group environments to get them promoted faster. Clients are able to navigate Corporate America through a new lens, which equips them to better advocate for themselves, improve their income, increase their experience levels, and contribute to their organizations in a larger, more powerful way. 

For Businesses

As an HR Manager, functional leader, or business owner, you know how important a robust internal pipeline is. By implementing my programs, organizations are able to ensure shorter ramp up times with employees in new roles, as well as improved efficiencies & productivity. These measures translate directly to the bottom line, and also contribute to employee morale and engagement. 

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